Monday, September 20, 2010


10:15pm 9/20/10

I find myself in lots of pain these days. Physical & Emotional. The physical comes from work, and the emotional comes from not being able to see my OME as much. The physical pain has me in spasms and walking very slow at times and the emotional pain has me missing my OME so much I can hardly breathe.

I was reminded today of Jesus' pain. He felt to the extreme all pains, and it was brought on without Him even deserving it, but He endured and continued on. This pain of His is referred to as "Passion."

I know in my pain although miniscule in comparison to Jesus' pain, it brings me closer to Him, as it allows me to know I am ALIVE!

God is indeed good. Thank you Jesus, for what you did. I'm eternally grateful.

Signature from Flavio's iPhone:

Psalm 27:4-5 (my prayer)

The one thing I ask of the Lord―the thing I seek most―is to live in the house of the Lord all the days of my life, delighting in the Lord's perfections and meditating in his Temple. For he will conceal me there when troubles come; he will hide me in his sanctuary. He will place me out of reach on a high rock.

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