Thursday, July 8, 2010

"I am who I am" Why is that?

July 8, 2010 [Received this teaching on July 7, 2010]

The Lord, our God states early on to His children; "I am who I am." Many get confused by thinking this is His name. It's not His name, but His presence. God is not a God that worries of the past when it concerns us (as He did not say 'I am who I was,' and God isn't a God who wants us to focus on our future as He did not say 'I am who I will be'). God said "I am who I am," stating to us, He is focused in our present, as we should be. Therefore receive this gift, as it is your PRESENT. *Food for thought* God bless

-My friends, I pray that more and more all of God's children, will come to know their Heavenly Father as everything that is beautiful, and simple. We are to be at peace, and simplicity in all our ways. Indeed, anyone of His children, can come to know the greatest love of all time, simply by praying about everything, and removing more and more of the world as they live out their lives day to day. It can be done, and through prayer and faith, in our great God, it shall be done.

All my love,

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Thought Provoking: It started with the Father, and spread through the Spirit, and was confirmed in the Son



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