Thursday, July 15, 2010

A thankful Heart


I wake up with praise in my Spirit, my heart, on my mind, and I am overwhelmed. Indeed the Lord is very good, and to know this with certainty, is indeed Blessing. I love God with a depth the world can never know. And I say Amen!

To wake up to Him with a thankful heart, praising Him for just allowing you to enjoy things that many take for granted, (until it is taken from them), is a blessing in itself. To breath, to have sight, to have hearing, to be willing, and able to move, to have speach, and have a heart that beats in Love and simplicity as my Father our God pumps my heart, is indeed a blessing. To have an active mind that has goodness circulating in it always, as God, the Father is on my mind 24/7, is a blessing indeed. He is Blessing, and I treasure Him as He is my PRESENT. All glory be to Him, God our Father forever and ever. Amen!

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*Our minds are endless, and our hearts continue to beat, then let it be so, we will adopt a heart of thanksgiving (being thankful and giving back) around the clock, for every single thing that comes to mind. If you are blessed with loved ones, give thanks to God for it (not because they are at your beckon call, but that they exist in your life).

Give thanx for hardships in your life (not because you want to know pain), but because it will allow you to appreciate good times even more.

Give thanx for time alone (not because we want to be lonely), but because we come to know ourselves again, and indeed in those times, when you think you are to yourself, God is sitting; walking; running; crying right alongside you [that in itself is Blessing.]

Give thanx all the time, and all the time be thankful. As you adopt this (Thankful Heart), you will see how God will not only remove a heart that once was unthankful, hurt, broken, angry, lonely, bitter, cold to others, and dying slowly, He will actually replace it with His own heart, which knows no bounds. His heart only Loves, and loves forever. His heart beats for ALL, His heart does not know anger, loneliness, bitterness, treachery, lies, or deceit. His heart has been hurt, and has been broken, but the good news is, God continues to love unconditionally, and through all the hurt He had, and has to endure with much patience with the many things His children do against His name, His nature, His loving heart, He still has a heart that is thankful for us, and continues to Love with the purest of Love.

If we are lead by example, then indeed let us follow in God's ways, and have a THANKFUL HEART. God's blessings onto you all.

And I say, Amen! Intentions start in the heart, circulate in the mind, and are breathed out in words. To have all working perfectly together, will allow your actions to paint that beautiful picture for all to know, and all to see, that God is indeed who we claim Him to be, and that is; GOOD ALL THE TIME! Amen! This is the example Christ lived, and died willingly for, and we are called to be Christ in all our ways, for it is Godly to be so. Be blessed children, for the Lord sees you, and is indeed with you. Amen!


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