Wednesday, July 14, 2010

True Addiction

[If you do not have it in you to see yourself preaching/teaching the Word of God, you can definitely point, or lead someone in the right direction of help through Christ, as we were all called to be the hands and feet of Jesus]- may the Lord bless you indeed for such kindness.

*This teaching, I received yesterday, and I send it out to all of you, for the reason that we are surrounded by a society with such pains, and they need God's healing Truth to set them truly free. I know, if I were in this situation, I would want someone to extend a helping hand out to me, that would point me, and lead me to God. Wouldn't you? [Food for thought.]


The world will have you think that Drug, alcohol, sex, material, etc... Addictions are addictions, that once you have been hooked, no matter how many years go by, that even if you claim that you are now "clean, and/or sober," you are still indeed regardless of what you say, a (drug, alcohol, sex, material, etc...) addict.

-As always, all things are God, and although in this world all addictions are terrible, and can be life threatening, and need to be taken seriously, in God, a life lived without Him, is indeed the True reason behind (alcohol, drug, sex, material, etc...) addiction that can plaque us all.

So with that said, as all (alcoholics, drug/sex addicts, shopaholics, etc...) come to say eventually, "I am [amount of days, months, years] sober," in Christ, you can indeed come to say, and live it with all authority in Christ, that you are indeed (sober, clean, sexfree, and material-driven free), from a life lived without God. All praise be to God for this.

Just as they have A.A. (Alcoholics anonymous), N.A. (Narcotics Anonymous), 12-step programs, and rehab centers for a life lived in this world; for a life lived without God, there is prayer, there's the Bible, there's (Bible based) churches, and indeed these things are free to you.

If you feel, and are nudged to seek God, and a life with God, through Jesus, Simply go to your local (Bible based) church, or come to Flamingo Road Church. We will gladly listen, counsel, and direct you to a life "lived with God," through Christ Jesus.

Be blessed, and know that the Lord is with you.

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Cooper City, FL 33330
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