Saturday, July 24, 2010

A pool of blessings

July 24, 2010

Buoyancy: [God's Spirit]

1. the power to rise; relative lightness; resilience of spirit; cheerfulness.
2. the power in which a body is immersed.

The above is a compressed definition of the word (buoyancy). As I was sitting in a pool today, I was amazed at how my hand was touching the surface of the water, yet I felt it not give and sink into the water, but rather bounce my hand back up. This amazed me. Immediately, I said 'that's awesome Lord,' and He returned to me this blessing.

This is what my Father says and shows me: "No matter how far off you go; no matter how far you fall, if you look to me, I will bounce you back to a life lived with me."

My Father shows me Himself in a great many ways. Indeed through Him, and endless amount of blessings (gifts), we will all receive.

My friends, continue to Enlarge your Vision! and be blessed.

"God's Word, is the music of life." -MMOG

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