Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Crazy morning

June 23, 2010

I'm blessed with pink eye. [Read on and you'll know why pink eye is a blessing to me].

My friends, I do not own a bed, as my room is more of an office, then a place to sleep in. Its where I write my teachings, and have received many great blessings from my Father, our God, in the Spirit.

Since I don't own a bed, I sleep on my couch, and it's comfy, and does the job, but having pink eye had me uncomfortable, so I tried to sleep on my recliner, but that was a bust (as I was attacked there), and several attempts later for some rest , I remained up.

I've been up since mid 4am, but the good news is; the Lord was with me throughout, and blessed me with receiving, and writing 9 teachings. They are called "SUMthing to think about." I posted the first of the series to my blog this morning. CHECK IT OUT:

Yesterday is when I first noticed the symptoms of having pink eye, and today I rode my bike to the nearest urgent care, and met a young lady that works ther. I shared with her my desires of launching my own ministry, which is coming, and all the teachings I do.

I went onto giving her a card to my church (Flamingo Road Church), and the websites (URL's) to my two blogs (which are the catalyst to my ministry online), my number, and my personal email, in case she wanted to contact me to speak on anything, as I counsel all individuals on all matters through my Father's blessing.

I mentioned to her, that I can do the preaching, and writing (teachings), but the technology part I'm not good with that. She says to me, that she's going to a bible study class today, and the woman who hosts it, and if I'm not mistakened, she has a brother who is really good with computers, and she'll ask him if he's willing to help me out.

To think, all of this started with pink eye, and this young lady noticing my address, and asking me if I knew of any apartments for rent in that area.

God definitely works in mysterious ways, but I so appreciate how He works. Awesome!

Till next time,
God bless.

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Thought Provoking: Is your "To do list," on God, or on everything else?

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