Friday, June 18, 2010

Taken, but given back 7 fold

Good morning children. As the Lord has blessed this day you find yourselves in, may you also bless those who are in it with you.

[Thought Provoking]: If everything you attained on your own efforts started to be removed one by one from you; what would you do? Would you exercise faith as you say you do, or worry?Remember, what we confess will happen. *Food for thought*

As always, I write and speak about everything the Lord has blessed me to go through personally, experience, see, and receive from Him.

The Lord has removed my marriage, my car, and soon it will be my job. It happens in phases of three in my life, and as my friend, my helper in life says to me yesterday "It will come by a divine appointment," surely it did just that.

Yesterday, my divorce was finalized, and my marriage in which I lead it through my own efforts and not with God, was taken away. Later that night, my car was taken, as I pursued the purchasing of that car without God in my life. Talk about (Divine appointment). Now I am free from much of the shackles that bind me to this world, and I have confessed that from my mouth.

I have said 'the Lord, my Father, our God is molding me into a feather for Him;' meaning, I will be so light, and removed from the weight of the world, when He blows me about to do His bidding, I will move freely for Him.

This, indeed is happening. Should I be down on myself, or filled with worry? Only If I want the enemy to have victory over my life, but as I am created in my Father's, our God's image; I rejoice and know what is to come, as my helper says "What He takes away from you from this world, He will replace by His will 7 fold, and you will know it's from Him, and you will know you are blessed," and I say Amen! to that my friends.

It's my fondest prayer, that I am fully for my Lord, my God, my Father in Heaven, and not of this world. As I say, and live in this manner more and more each day, I know He hears my prayer, and delivers on it.

To those who have gained much from this world, it's like gaining a death sentence, and to those who lose much in this world, it's like gaining a pardon from death.

That's the blessing! That's the miracle! I pray, it is our lives!

God bless you all.

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It's always was God, and will always be God. Your life is an occassion; RISE to it - "The Creator"

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