Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The First Entry

[I wrote this entry on June 3, 2010 @ 5:02pm].

Today as I stared out my balcony, at the rain, and admiring God's works, the thought of writing a book, and starting a new blog came to mind. Now, I have thought of writing a book, or rather a few books throughout my life, and I know God is piecing that all together already...Amen!

By reading this entry you have already came to the conclusion that I started my new blog.

This blog will consist of my day-to-day walk with God, and how a man who was a sinner amongst sinners, changed to be fully committed to God, through God's revelation to this man. I will share myself with all of you, and extend my hand in friendship towards all who care to extend their hand out as well.

From what makes me laugh, cry, excited, upset, motivated and driven to succeed in what I was called and created to do, to the great things God can do in an individuals life (in particular this man), you will be invited to come along on this journey.

It's my fondest wish for all of you, through my words of Truth, that radiate from God Himself, that you will discover your God potential, and find yourselves in the midst of a great journey with God as well.

Be blessed children,

"Everything I touch prospers and succeeds."

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