Tuesday, June 29, 2010

This morning


I woke up to use the bathroom this morning at 7am, and the thought that entered my mind was the thought I was consumed with in prayer as I was going to sleep yesterday.

This is for men, and women alike:

Have you ever wanted to have someone in your life, and saw them as your husband, or wife to be, and you prayed and imagined how life would be with them?

Now for those who remain sexually inactive until you are married:

Do you find yourselves thinking, and wondering about this husband or wife to be, in a sexual manner? If so, pray earnestly for God's strength, and to remain patient until His perfect timing is revealed, and you and the individual you are going to be married to, are free to consume each other in everyway God created the union of two (man, and woman) to be.

Let us pray:

Father, we thank you for all that you give us, and we look to the future with hope knowing you are with us. May you bless our minds, and hearts, with strength to overtake our bodies. May you bless us with a peace that will keep us stable, when everything around us is unstable. Lord, we look to you, as you alone are our rock that cannot be moved. We thank you for all this, and we lift it up high to you. May it become our reality, in real time. In the name of Jesus our Christ. We pray, Amen!

Friends, you are not alone in the struggles of life, especially as we remain in the flesh (living with sin, and in sin, from the temptations that come from the enemy) for now.

Through Jesus the Christ, we can look ahead with hope, and wonder, as He alone has conquered death (a life lived consumed in sin by the enemies temptations), and through Christ all things are possible, and the greatest Love of all, is ours to enjoy.

Therefore, I plead with you, to remain expectant, and accepting of God's grace and mercies on us, especially when it comes to sexual temptation.

Thought Provoking:
Just as when Christmas morning came around, and all the presents were under the tree and you were probably the first one out of bed, and on the floor by the tree, checking the names on the gifts, wanting to open just one, before everyone came down to do it together; let us not spoil what God created for us, in a union as one in marriage (God, with Man&Woman), with having sex before marriage.

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'In the world, dependency is seen as immaturity. But in God's Kingdom, dependance on Him is a prime measure of maturity.'


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