Monday, June 21, 2010

My "Dream Home," for us

[A friend of mine who is a realtor, asks: 'What would be your dream home?']

Here's my response:

"My friend, may the Lord bless you in reality, your dreams, then you can continuously seek, and show where our true home is.

As for now, I enlarge my vision, for a home for my near future wife and I, to be in a place where much of the world (I say much, as we are still here on earth, and we need to speak living words of Truth, to the lost) is not around, and all that God has created it to be, will surround us daily. The temperature would be a dream come true year around, therefore a/c would not be needed. The sun would illuminate our home, and since the heat of the sun would be ideal, we would not need electricity in the day, and the moon would be so close, illumination would be wonderful in the night.

[The light would surround us constantly, as the LIGHT we are in.]

We would be blessed by scenery in full nature, and our "backyard," would be the ocean. We would be one with our Father, our God, and simply exist in harmony with all things, as His Spirit would flow in a constant all around us, and within us. There would be beautiful water falls, and mountains to wonder around in awe of God's beauty for us to enjoy, and favor in great abundance would flow down from heaven from our Father, that "work," in this world wouldn't exist in our lives, but joy of spreading His Truth would be exactly what we would have the priviledged of doing everyday, through all means.

This would be my "Dream home," and our existence. I pray on this, and have all the faith in my Father that He will build us up, to be giants for Him in our faith, that as He removes all of this world from us, we will walk forward continuously with Him to this goodness on earth, until we are called back to Him, to be in everlasting ecstasy of goodness with Him for an eternity.

My friend, I responded in great detail, to allow (as it is my fondest prayer), all who read including you, to rely, enlarge, and trust in a faith that was given, and comes from God Almighty, who delights in the fact that He will lavish us with blessings all day, everyday, and all we need is to Trust in Him to do so.

ENLARGE that VISION my friends, God bless.

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